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Soaring Eagle Tunic

$ 158.00

Every girl’s wardrobe needs a few pieces that make an outfit all on their own. For us, a lot of those pieces are boldly patterned tunics, like this stunning eagle print top. This effortless, flowing tunic top with dolman sleeves is an instant statement, projecting confidence and style from the moment you put it on.

How to Wear a Bold Patterned Tunic

Though the colors of this top are relatively muted, the print itself is very striking, so you want to let it be the focal point of your outfit. A flowing tunic top like this works best with leggings or other super skinny pants. And with a such a bold pattern, make sure you’re pairing it with something solid, ideally a neutral color like black, grey, or brown. Since the print is such a focal point, you don’t need too many accessories, although a classic pair of hoop earrings can add a polished finishing touch.

 Make a Statement on Every Occasion

While this style of top most naturally fits in when you’re going out for the night or headed to a weekend brunch with friends, you can certainly wear it elsewhere with the right styling. If your workplace isn’t too conservative, thick leggings, boots, and a long structured cardigan or jacket can make this the perfect outfit for casual Friday.

 Whether you’re looking for bold statement pieces or versatile essentials, Kay Celine’s collection features timeless feminine style. Shop the collection today for classy chic looks that will endure long beyond this season.

100% Viscose // Made in USA

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