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Some of the most innovative runway designs are born in the LA Fashion District each year. The area is home to fabric mills, dye houses, and approximately 200 textile stores. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the area, known then as the Garment District, experienced a massive boom and continued to expand from there.

By the 1950s, the Fashion District was a major center for the production of sportswear. As time went on, the area began to see retail shops opening along Santee Alley, which sits between Maple and Santee streets. The alley held the back doors for many of the manufacturing businesses, making it easy for them to set up small shops. More and more of these shops began appearing along the alley, and it eventually became a thriving bazaar.

The shops in the Fashion District offer every variety of trim, beading, supplies, and fabric, including rare and exotic prints that can’t be found anywhere else. Since the Kay Celine line features bright colors, timeless femininity, and a lot of Bohemian appeal, our new location makes us feel like kids in a candy store!

The Energy of the LA Fashion District: Working Where the Magic Happens

Kay Celine was located in West LA for over 20 years, but we’re excited to have finally made the move to the Fashion District. We used to have to make a daily commute, and our move has ensured that we will now be in close proximity to the buyers and showrooms we love working with. It has also immersed us in the exciting, creative energy that the district has to offer.

The environment here is very different than what we experienced in West LA. It’s fast paced, with fabric and garment deliveries, important meetings between designers and buyers, and creative energy bubbling on every corner. When we need a little inspiration, all we have to do is look around. If one of our buyers makes a specific request, we can do it, because just about everything we need is within walking distance. This has made it even easier for us to design amazing clothes for our cherished clients.

The Future of the Fashion District: Inspiration from Many Forms of Art

The Fashion District used to be limited to a relatively small area, but with the efforts to revitalize Downtown LA, many brands are now moving into the Arts District and other surrounding areas. This is a beautiful thing because it allows artists and designers of all types to draw inspiration from each other. From painters to clothing designers, screen printers, sculptors and more, the creative energy going on in the area is going to attract more clients and lead to better results for all.

Visit our LA Fashion District Showroom

Our LA showroom is located at 110 East 9th Street, Suite #B520. If you have trouble finding us, or simply want to call with a question, we can be reached at 310-575-4096. You can also email us at We always welcome your questions and comments.

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