How has Women’s Clothing Changed over the Years?

Women’s Clothing

It’s no secret that Trendy women’s clothing has witnessed some mind-blowing changes. While earlier women did not have too many choices to choose from, it is definitely not the same today. Women’s clothing has changed for the better and the transformation has been splendid. Today, fashion is all about glamour, style and plus it does not overlook comfort and individuality at the same today. With a magnitude of some of the best designers the last decade has seen, we are truly in a ‘fashion phase’ today!

Since women’s fashion began to evolve, there have been some noticeable changes, for good. While long, floor-length everyday skirts are now replaced with pants and trousers, jeans that were only worn by men have now found a place in women’s wardrobes and traditional blouses have been overtaken by shirts, comfortable tees, and tunic tops. The clothing has also seen a change in terms of fabric and design. Regular cotton has now changed to lycra, silk, satin, wool and even a blend of different fabrics to ensure the desired outcome. Earlier styles also saw a lot of bold, single prints that has now changed to smaller, delicate ones. All in all, everything from the visual appeal, feel and look of clothing from traditional times has changed to a large extent.

Today, we are indeed lucky to have shopping options at our fingertips! With so many marvelous websites that cater to taking care of all your shopping needs, one really does not need to step outside, bargain at stores, try choices or hunt for the hottest trends.

These tips will help you get better at online shopping even if you are a newbie:

1. Research your style:

While traditional shopping meant physically going to several different stores to check out what’s new, with online shopping the concept has transformed! Research does not mean any hard-core inside research, however, the best thing to do is search online for websites that you feel sell clothing that is your style.

2. Browse, browse, browse:

Once you settle on an e-commerce website that you like, browse through their collection. Most websites have sales going on at some point or the other and it’s a good idea to check them out if you’re shopping on a budget. Unlike traditional ways of shopping, this one is much easier and happens at the click of the mouse!

3. Juggle your options:

Having options while shopping earlier would be a privilege! However, with online shopping, you can have several ones and pick as you do! Chances are that most products that you pick online will have options available in terms of design, colors etc.

4. Size chart for women’s clothing online:

Perhaps a slight disadvantage when it comes to shopping online, traditional ways would probably mean simply trying out clothing in the store and opting for the one that fits best. However, with universal size charts, most branded labels wave off this problem. To make it easier, check the ‘size chart’ that brand or website features.

5. Returns and delivery:

A great plus over traditional ways of shopping where stores do not allow the option of returns, most online shopping websites do. Shopping websites understand that sometimes you don’t like in person what you liked online and hence return policies came into existence. While this is not subject to EVERY online shopping website, it is a good idea to check about the same while doing your research.

6. Payment mediums:

Payment at a store in a traditional manner involved cash or card and is no different while shopping online. Websites offer a variety of options when it comes to payment mediums too. While net banking, payment gateway and PayPal may be the most common ones, some others may also provide other options like online wallet payments or payment upon delivery.

7. Experiment with your favorites:

Look at experimenting in the same way you would do in a traditional store-consumer case; however, it’s much easier online and doesn’t involve one getting out of the house. Once you order a couple of times try browsing some more and experiment with other brands, labels, and websites. With experimentation, you never know when you end up stumbling upon something truly wonderful and unique!

So, traditional shopping methods and traditional clothes for women have both seen some impressive changes. With so much as shopping at our fingertips, modern methods have certainly won us over and are highly recommended! Shopping has now has become more hassle-free, convenient and systematic, not forgetting time-saving. If the first few experiences of online shopping don’t go well, don’t give up! It does take a little time to get used to the drill, however, once you do it a few times; you will see how breezy the entire process is!

So sit back, relax and wait for that perfect outfit to arrive!


Claudia Escobar
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